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Would you like a new sensor in your camera? One that delivers finer detail and less noise? It sounds impossible, but that’s exactly what DxO’s unique DeepPRIME — and now DeepPRIME XD — technology can provide. Here’s how it works.

Converting the data captured by your camera’s sensor involves a sequence of complex processes, most of which go completely unnoticed.

Two of the fundamental parts are demosaicing and denoising. Demosaicing is the process of converting the values of individual pixels for red, green, and blue, and turning them into accurate colors. Denoising is the removal of inaccurate pixels that are generated by interference and heat inside your camera — something that becomes pronounced when shooting at high ISO levels. These processes are critical in extracting the best possible quality from your RAW files.

DxO breaks new ground

Denoising affects demosaicing and vice versa, and whichever order they are performed, there are compromises — until now. DxO has always been at the forefront of progressing this technology and in recent years, artificial intelligence has opened up new possibilities.

We already had countless photographs available to us as a result of calibrating cameras and lenses in our laboratory and we were able to use these images — literally billions of them, once we’d generated samples — to train a neural network to understand noise, color, and detail.

Pioneering artificial intelligence

The neural network is smart enough to run demosaicing and denoising at the same time, something that had never been done before. Not only does the neural network have a deep understanding of how noise can be eliminated and how colors should appear, but it’s also able to combine the two processes so that one never undermines the other.

Incomparable results

DeepPRIME removes noise and recovers information without losing detail, creating more natural transitions and textures. The results are spectacular, and as detailed below, the introduction of DeepPRIME XD pushes the boundaries even further. Compared to conventional noise reduction technology, DeepPRIME delivers the equivalent of an extra two stops of ISO. With DeepPRIME XD, it can be 2.5 stops, sometimes even more.

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DeepPRIME XD: Another level

There are two levels of DeepPRIME processing available in the latest versions of DxO PhotoLab 6 and DxO PureRAW  3: DeepPRIME and DeepPRIME XD (which stands for eXtra Details). Both will reduce noise, increase clarity and purify results from your camera’s sensor, but the newer DeepPRIME XD mode uses an even more intensive approach.

With its more exhaustive and effective processing, DeepPRIME XD delivers even finer detail and contrast in both high or low ISO images. Expect photos free from noise, with smoother bokeh, finer textures, and more realistic and natural color.

Both DeepPRIME and DeepPRIME XD are compatible with all major manufacturers’ cameras, including Canon, DJI, Fujifilm, Hasselblad, Nikon, Panasonic, Pentax, Olympus/OM System, Sony, Leica, and more.
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Noise reduction has never been better.


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