DxO: The world leader in lens corrections

Do you ever wish you had a better lens? One that was sharper, brighter, or less distorted? Thanks to DxO’s revolutionary lens correction tools, you can.

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We’ve been masterminding the science of image correction for close to 20 years.

Our scientists have rigorously analyzed hundreds of cameras and thousands of lenses, across tens of thousands of combinations, all using the most extensive testing protocols in the industry.

The result is lens corrections of unparalleled quality that are perfectly tuned to your equipment. So, while other RAW converters use generic profiles that inexpertly sharpen or correct distortions based on weak science, DxO’s corrections are unique and bespoke to each camera and lens combination.

Basically, it’s your camera and lens, but better.

What’s more, we work tirelessly to deliver the most up-to-date lens and camera profiles, so nothing interrupts your workflow.



DxO offers the highest-quality improvements to sharpness. Our analytical protocols measure sharpness at multiple points in the image so that complex algorithms can restore detail right where it’s needed — from the finest micro-contrasts in the center to more substantial correction at the edges if required.

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DxO excels like no other in the correction of geometric distortion. Using a reference image, our experts calculate the extent of distortion for each position in the image. Defects are then automatically corrected, even when the image has already been processed by the camera.

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To identify chromatic aberrations, DxO’s experts analyze the image’s red, green, and blue channels separately. DxO’s powerful algorithms then take into account the aperture and focal length used to obtain the best finish. As a result, colored outlines are removed without altering the image’s details and colors.

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No other software compensates for vignetting like DxO. Thanks to our exclusive lens and camera pairing map protocol, our corrections avoid over-exposure, color alteration, and additional noise when brightening dark areas. The result is a perfectly balanced photo that looks like it was shot with a superior lens.

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DxO Lens Modules

Unlike the generic profiles used in other RAW converters, DxO’s lens modules are designed in the laboratory using a rigorous and extremely precise process which is specific to each lens and camera combination. The result is all the information needed to correct vignetting, distortions, chromatic aberrations, or lack of sharpness to the best possible standard.

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